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What We Do

Since 1997, we have enabled best practices in complex procurements through our DecisionDirector Plan-to-Procure® software. With DecisionDirector, our many clients have enjoyed stakeholder buy-in and support while reducing the time, cost, and risks associated with their complex procurements.

  • Engaging stakeholders. Increasing transparency. Providing trusted advice.
  • Increasing enterprise speed, agility, and effectiveness.
  • Making complex procurements faster, easier, and better.

Sound like an impossible dream? Not according to your peers...

"No other company could have helped us navigate 400 stakeholders from skepticism to unanimous agreement in the same time frame."
Purdue University
"Once you have used DecisionDirector I don’t know how you could even imagine tackling this type of task without it."
Ohio University
"Advantiv's DecisionDirector enabled over 250 people from our diverse campuses to collaboratively define our core vision, mission, and nearly 7000 functional requirements in less than 90 days. This planning lead to our success!"
Pace University

About DecisionDirector

DecisionDirector is a customer-centric Plan-to-Procure SaaS platform that specializes in stakeholder collaboration, decision support, and RFx processing for complex procurements.

About Advantiv

Advantiv Solutions is a Phoenix, AZ-based software company. We have specialized in supporting complex procurements for nearly 20 years.