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Did you complete your account information? If you were invited to a DecisionDirector event and did not already have a DecisionDirector account, the link in the invitation email will take you to a page that collects important information from you. If you did not see that email, please check your spam folder, and be sure to add "notify@decisiondirector.com" as a safe sender.

Did you verify your account? Once a DecisionDirector is created, it must then be verified before it can be accessed. Look for an email from DecisionDirector with a subject line similar to "ACTION REQUIRED: Account Created and Awaiting Verification", and follow the verification link. If you did not see that email, please check your spam folder.

Did you forget your password? It happens. If you have 1) completed your account information, and you have 2) verified your account, then you can reset your password.

If none of these work, send us a note and we will be happy to assist you.

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